Congregation B'nai Israel stands firmly for the proposition that we are deeply and
passionately connected to the Land and the State of Israel. In order to foster this
relationship, it is necessary to maintain a heightened awareness of and education
about what is happening in Israel and to bring Israel closer to our daily lives. In
order to accomplish these goals, "Focus On Israel" has been created. Its role is
to initiate and coordinate activities - cultural, political and national - concerning
Israel and its relationship to our members, our community and the world around

The following are just a few websites that you can go to for information about Israel. Stand With Us is a non-profit international organization that believes education is the road to peace in the Middle East. Visit their site for articles and information.
   Israel Guide Dog Center For Blind improves the quality of life for blind people by providing them with safe mobility and independence through the faithful assistance of guide dogs. Check out this site for Mitzvah projects, to sponsor a puppy and to read inspiring stories.
   The Jewish National Fund is a 109 year old organization that has become a global environmental leader. Yes, they do more than plant trees! Visit their website to read more.
Israel Ministry of Tourism. Whether you're planning a vacation or not, visit this site to discover the wonders of Israel. AIPAC is America's leading pro-Israel lobby. AIPAC works with Democrats, Republicans and Independents to enact public policy that strengthens the U.S.-Israel relationship. Read about political, defense and legislative issues on this site.

ISRAEL21c is a non-profit educational foundation with a mission to focus media and public attention on the 21st century Israel that exists beyond the conflict.

See what the young Judaea year course is really like.

For fun link: This took place at a shopping mall in Haifa. Enjoy!

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Check out to purchase bonds online. Support IDF soldiers -

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