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Congregation B'nai Israel is pleased to offer an online system for payments and donations. This safe and secure system uses "PAYPAL" for credit card processing. No registration is required. Already a PayPal account user? Simply log on for access to your credit card and/or checking account for easy payment.
You can make more than one payment/donation at the same time. Just fill-in the amounts on the form below, accompanied by a description. When finished, hit the "Click Here to Pay" button to complete your order.

Payment Type Payment Description Amount
Membership Dues
Hebrew School Tuition
Building Fund
General Donation
Yahrzeit Donation
Onegs/Kiddush sponsorship
Kol Nidre Pledge
High Holiday Family Guest Ticket ($75 each)
Min. $75
High Holiday Non-Member Ticket ($250 each)
Min. $250
Yartzheit Memorial Plaque ($240)
Min. $240
Tree of Life Leaf ($180)
Min. $180
Prayer Book Dedication ($36)
Min. $36
CBI Polo Shirt - Adult ($12)
Min. $12
CBI Polo Shirt - Adult (2 or more $12 each)
Min. $24
CBI Polo Shirt - Child ($12)
Min. $12
CBI Polo Shirt - Child (2 or more $12 each)
Min. $24
* Please be sure to enter details about a payment or donation (i.e. payment description, reason for donation, date(s) for Oneg or Kiddush, and so on).